Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

Worthing has a large tidal range and is best approached on the 2 hours either side of high tide. Expect good seabreezes at Worthing, which are accelerated by the south downs in the summer. In the winter, the south westerlies produce typical south coast conditions. For local view and analysis of the weather forecasts, Gavin Baylis weather blog and weather station is by far the best resource available to you. For Kitesurfing as an individual (rather than taking a private lesson) you are required to have insurance which can be obtained through the BKSA. You may be asked by fellow kiters if you have insurance. This is not just for your safety but the safety of other beach users and fellow kiters.

Lancing Kitesurf School

Mark at Lancing Kitesurf School has a relaxed teaching style. Allow him to completely customise your lesson to your style of learning.

Lancing Kitesurfing Club BKSA

Kite surf enthusiasts with their own kit (you can't hire from here) might want to join this club as a regular base on the South Coast

Learn To Kitesurf with a Senior BKSA instructor in a beautiful quiet setting. Beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons available.

Lewis Crathern Advanced Kitesurf Coaching

Based off Goring Green Former 4X British Champion and current Big Air Vice World Champion Lewis Crathern offers advanced Kitesurfing lessons.