Worthing Greeters

Worthing Greeters – free welcome service for visitors

Greets must be booked at least 7 working days in advance

Worthing Greeters are enthusiastic volunteers, passionate about the place where they live. They provide a free warm welcome to individuals or groups of up to 6 people travelling together and can add huge value to your visit by sharing their local knowledge of Worthing’s highlights, hidden gems and heritage. A Greet can range from a town centre or seafront walk, a cycling or ramble on the South Downs. The Worthing Greeters are  members of the International Greeter Association (IGA)  & promote the IGA core values. 

How long is a Greet? Generally about an hour. Although, by prior arrangement with your Greeter, it may be shorter or longer according to your timescale and your volunteer Greeter’s availability.

How are Greets different to Guided tours? Our Greeters are not trained guides, they are volunteers who give a personal view of their home town as would a friend. A Greeter is flexible and able to change the course of the walk as Visitors’ interests dictate. We have a very knowledgeable team of Greeters on a variety of subjects. If you have a special requirement or interest please let us know when booking and we’ll do our best to find a greeter with similar interests and abilities. Greets are usually in English although a few Greeters can greet in other languages: ask at the booking stage.

Will they take us into museums and attractions?  Greeters can take you onto the pier but will  not take  groups into the museum as they have their own guides. However, they will be able to talk about these places and suggest which may be of interest to their visitors. They can also help visitors with the best way to travel about the area and suggest the places to visit West Sussex.

After your Greet we would love to hear how it went for you. You can rate us or leave a report on Worthing Greeters UK Facebook page. If you would like to share images of you with your Greeter either post them on Facebook or attach them to your message and we will post them for you. Please send to: tourism@adur-worthing.gov.uk

 Worthing Greeter UK are supported by Discover Worthing and Members of the Global Greeters Network