Book your Greet

Worthing Greeters are enthusiastic volunteers, passionate about the place where they live. They provide a free warm welcome to individuals or groups of up to 6 people travelling together and can add huge value to your visit by sharing their local knowledge of Worthing’s highlights, hidden gems and heritage.

To request your appointment with a Worthing Greeter – please complete the form above.

Tell us about any special needs such as places that you would like to visit, your interests, walking ability etc. as it will help us match you with a greeter. If you should have trouble replying on the form please email us with the information requested on the form. It will help us and will speed up your request if you would please answer ALL the questions requested.

Terms and conditions

  • A minimum of 7 working days’ notice is required.
  • We will reply as soon as possible to acknowledge receipt of your request.
  • Greets are usually in English, but subject to availability we may be able to Greet you in your chosen language, please ask when booking.
  • Appointments are subject to the availability of a volunteer Greeter. You will be notified as soon as possible if we have no Greeter available
  • A maximum of 6 people per group. If it is just over 6 we reserve the right to split the group between 2 Greeters or decline the request.  Bigger groups will be refused.
  • Children must have a responsible adult with them.
  • When we match your request, you will receive confirmation via e-mail or telephone, giving you the name and contact details of your Greeter.
  • You will receive final confirmation of details and meeting arrangements from your appointed Greeter.
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