About your Greet FAQ

About your Greet FAQ

Worthing Greeters are enthusiastic volunteers, passionate about the place where they live.

I have submitted the booking form - what happens next?

We will confirm the greet by e-mail, and your Greeter will also contact you directly to confirm arrangements.

If you are booking your Greet more than one month in advance, we may not be able to confirm the arrangements straight away – in this case we will let you know when we will be able to confirm the arrangements.

What is the cost of a Greet?

The Greeter scheme is free of charge.

What do I do if my plans change?

Each Greet is a bespoke walk around Worthing tailored to you. All our Greeters are volunteers, they are not paid for their time. If you do need to alter the details or cancel your Greet please contact your Greeter so that they can avoid a wasted journey.

Where do I meet the Greeter?

Greets generally begin outside the Museum & Art Gallery or Town Hall. Details will be sent out in your confirmation e-mail.

Is there a maximum number for a Greet?

Greets can be for an individual or up to 6 people (including children)

What happens if the weather is bad?

We will endeavour to carry out Greets in all weather. Large umbrellas can be provided by your Greeter. However, your Greeter will contact you the day before to discuss. Please remember to wear suitable footwear as the Greet will be on foot, and wear suitable clothing for the elements!

Can I arrange a Greet once I am in the town?

We need around 7 business days in order to process your request, so we can match you up with a Greeter. Please allow this notice when requesting your ideal date for a Greet.

Am I guaranteed a Greet if I register?

Whilst we will always aim to arrange a Greet for your preferred date, this may not always be possible.