We recently met up with Alex from Manuka Bar & Kitchen & asked him a few questions about his time in Worthing and what he enjoys doing on his time off…

1) What is your background in cocktails?

My passion started at the age of 17 where I had to figure out a last minute present for my best mate. After a couple of hours of searching the internet for ideas I came across a cocktail named “Grasshopper” which required two of the three ingredients which had been sitting on my parents shelf for a couple of years, the minute I started shaking in and straining it through into a glass a switch went off for the first time in my head. This was the first of many, many, many cocktails I have come to make.

I began my professional career at  ‘Be at One” in Brighton, a company that allowed me to develop my skills by working through a number of industry recognised levels of bar-tending from speed, spec and pour. I honed my skills working at different bars all over the country.  In 2018  I entered the  National Bartender Challenge (BTC) in 2018, a live front bar challenge presenting my skills, knowledge and consistency to a panel of the founders of Be at One  – I got 2nd place from 350+ entries!

2) Why did you decide to invest in a business in Worthing?

I always felt that Worthing deserved a place where the most important thing was the guests experience with friendly service from bartenders with real training and a love for what bar-tending really is. This is how I met Ben Thompson, the drummer from Two Door Cinema Club, a friend of a friend at the time. We came to work together after a coffee where we shared  ideas and realised we had a common clear sight of an end goal.

3) Where do you go for a night out in Worthing?

For a night out in Worthing starting off at the Libertine is always a good shout for a great beers and a good meet up spot, I then suggest personally going across the road to Manuka for some fire shows behind the bar and when the bars are closing Bar 10 is always a perfect end off with mates.

4) What would your perfect day in Worthing look like?

The first place I went to when I came back to work in Worthing was Malt Cafe on Montague Street for breakfast which is definitely more than your traditional breakfast and coffees, if it’s a sunny day Steyne Gardens is a must for a dog walk as the beach is just a stone’s throw away.

Head to Manuka Bar & Kitchen, check out their latest events & special cocktails now!