BIM technologies and CAD to BIM conversion services

There is still a long way to go before the mass introduction of BIM modeling in the construction complex, but today every civil engineer has an idea about it and knows what advantages it provides.

BIM modeling is applicable at all stages of a construction project: creation of technical specifications for design, development of project documentation, construction work, operation and even dismantling of the object.

BIM allows you to analyze large amounts of information, thereby speeding up any stage of project implementation. Using this technology, you can always estimate the economic indicators of the project being implemented, including the cost of construction in general and the cost of certain types of work.

Implementation of

Along with the efforts of the state, each enterprise has its own approach to mastering 3D modeling technologies, depending on its tasks and capabilities. Large design companies were the first to actively apply BIM, and then the advantage of new technologies was appreciated by construction holdings that have divisions for the design, construction and operation of real estate. Suppliers of building materials also appreciated the opening prospects of three-dimensional modeling.

High-performance products in BIM models

The company¬† KarnoEnergy develops BIM models of structural units that use high-quality thermal insulation. All the company’s products are used for the construction and protection of building structures, both in industrial and civil, and in private housing construction. Due to its high thermal protection properties, durability and invulnerability to dampness with fungus and mold, it is possible to build an energy-efficient, comfortable and safe object for health. Thanks to its high reliability, it will protect the building from leaks for a long time.

Both materials are easy to install and resistant to negative environmental influences.

In February started work on filling out the library, a popular platform for comparing and selecting technical solutions, with its models. Providing models for gave the company the opportunity not only to promote its products for laying in design solutions, but also to get quick feedback on the application of the created models, as well as recommendations for their addition from qualified specialists.

To date, the company has completed two stages of this work. At the first stage, 3D models of facade and roof structures were uploaded, while at the second stage, models for designing and arranging floors, foundations, underground structures, and rooms with refrigeration equipment were uploaded. Models are made for Autodesk Revit systems and duplicated for the IFC environment.

Of course, all these developments can be found on the company’s official website in the information model section.

Advantages of 3D models of structural units

Models are characterized by a high level of development. This is confirmed by an independent audit of the portal, which has a reputation as Europe’s largest digital content management system for BIM objects.

In addition, the main set of technical characteristics of structural units with the use of supplemented material specifications, which make it possible to accurately calculate the number of all required components.

And finally cad to bim conversion will combine both structures using the company’s products and detailed nodes for connecting heat or waterproofing to the protected elements of a building or structure.

To date, the library has posted BIM models and this list is constantly being updated. The company’s 3D models have already gained popularity among designers and builders, which is confirmed by their active downloading.